TenChris- Da RapaCentric EP

TenChris- Da RapaCentric EP

TenChris- Da RapaCentric EP

This Mini Album is title RAPPER ECCENTRIC EP because it contains songs composed of 5 different genre of music, Hiphop(Rap)/Trap, Afropop, Soul music, Love, dancehall and it was produced by 5 different producers, Deuce Ace studio, OG Carter Millz, Genius Music studios, Kels Patterson of Elevate music Atlanta G.A, , the RAP ECCENTRIC a a mini Album of an Extended Play with time frame of about 45minutes!




Mama Africa

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Instagram: @tenchris_raps
snapchat : @tenchris_raps
Facebook: Tenchris Rapville
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  • dope EP keep it up

  • My playlist for this Xmas is increasing….dope ep. 💯💯💯

  • This EP is one of the best Ep of our time!
    No lies the dude impressed me on this!
    EGO is my Favourite Track on this because he mixed the western vibe with the African sauce and now we’ve got west africa sauce!

    God bless you son

  • One of the best rappers in our time!
    I’m in love with the Rave!
    Dude impressed me beyond my imaginations!

    Kudos champ!
    Keep it coming and we would keep it trending

  • If music what all it take to make heaven!
    Omoh you get free pass!

    Oboi you over did justice to this songs!
    The Rave
    Chukwunonso and love scene!
    My hit beyond boarders

  • What you did to this tracks is what we call jungle justice!

    I swear down! Ba-mi you to much!
    Ego na vibe
    Mad love na sauce
    Love scene na juice
    The quest na jam
    The rave na hit
    Chukwunonso na tune
    Climax na dope sound
    Trap was damn hot
    Then Mama Africa sweet me for belle gani

    Gbefun baba agba!

  • Love scene is my fav!
    All I need is you boy like am drunk in love,
    I got your pictures in my head with your sexy packs!
    I love you nonstop seems this love is fucking dumb!

    Tenchris is one of a kind!
    The love of my life!
    I love you baby

  • MAD LOVE is my fav
    She got her mothers eyes
    With her fathers mind
    I lover her from behind
    Like am her bodyguard”

    and that’s how my babe heard the song and sharply fell for you!
    Bro anywhere you’re keep doing what you’re doing for I see the best in you!

    Congratulations champion!

  • That’s my brother pumping some vibe into the atmosphere!
    Tenchris have taken over!

    We wish you the very best bro!

  • My love just unleashed DA RAPACENTRIC EP!
    The songs on the list sounds like him!
    Sweet and lovely songs like he has always been!

    I cherish you much B-B

  • My love just unleashed DA RAPACENTRIC EP!
    The songs on the list sounds like him!
    Sweet and lovely songs like he has always been!

    I cherish you much B-B

  • You’re not legend indeed!
    A young charismatic and energetic fella!
    We’d someday cross path and i’d show you how much of a fan I am!

    Me love wetin I see and hear!

  • Gush listening to your tracks on here Down my playlist clearly state you’re the real definition of music!

    Ego is killing!
    Mad love is reviving!
    Love scene brings spiritual healing
    The quest sends cool chills down my medulla
    The Rave of the moment sums it all for that’s truly who you are “The rave of all time”

    God bless yo legendary rapper a.k.a TENCHRIS da Eccentric Rapper

  • Can I tell you something with total sincerity!
    You’re one of the best rappers i’ve ever seen and been with!

    You’re way beyond real
    Don’t worry your songs would take you to places where you ought to be

  • You’re the real definition of hiphop!
    You worth the very best in this industry!
    The topspot awaits you champ!

    Keep satisfying our heart with good tunes!
    One love bro

    Gbefun for ma day one Nigga

  • Leave am for am,
    10 gbossaaaaaa for the Nigga 10!
    Babanla! Baddest!
    Yo don burst ma head finish like coke bottle!

    You too much oooo!
    Tenchris you do well

  • My son I just wanna see you smile!
    I wanna see you at the top real soon by God grace!

    Music is your calling and don’t ever put your call on hold or put your line on number busy!
    Answer you call with enuf swag!

    May God continue to bless you my son!

  • Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Enough Track to keep my ears busy!
    10 for my Nigga Ten!

    It’s all 10/10

  • Keep it coming «100» champ!
    Your days of greater blessings is near!

    Tenchris all da way!
    To the Top

  • Nice1 omichinaforfor….. Dope.

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